We were in Vogue!

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Celebrating a Milestone: Scene Productions and contributing photographer Mawasi Charles Featured in Vogue.

Another moment where collaboration led to a win for us all was recently validated when we had the honour of being featured in Vogue, alongside the talented photographer and our regular collaborator Mawasi Charles. The feature, titled “The Story Behind the Lost Tribe, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival’s Most Fashionable Band,” captured the essence of our vibrant Carnival tradition and the incredible work of the Lost Tribe band, whose unique approach to costume design, departing from the conventional feather and headdress bikini mas, took centre stage in the feature.

Four photos from our collection graced the pages of this internationally renowned publication. The article, penned by Natalie Meade, painted a vivid picture of Carnival’s magic, from the masqueraders in their captivating costumes to the soca music echoing through the streets of Port of Spain.

As we read through the feature, it was a moment of immense pride and joy to see our name highlighted in the article. For Mawasi, it was his first time capturing Carnival on camera, and he did so with an artist’s eye and a deep appreciation for our culture.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Lost Tribe for the opportunity to collaborate and showcase their remarkable work. Valmiki Maharaj, the creative director and bandleader, plays a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

As we continue our journey of storytelling and cultural celebration, we’re immensely grateful for these moments that remind us of the power of our work. This feature in Vogue not only celebrates the Lost Tribe but also the broader tradition of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival—a magnetic ritual that draws the diaspora home. We’re proud to have played a part in sharing our culture with the world.

Thank you to the Lost Tribe and Valmiki Maharaj for this incredible opportunity, and congratulations to Mawasi Charles on a job well done!

Link: vogue.com/article/the-lost-tribe-trinidad-and-tobago-carnival