Collaborator Spotlight—FilmTT


At Scene, we believe that collaboration is the heartbeat of creativity. Our journey into the vibrant world of traditional mas makers in Trinidad and Tobago through the docu-series “Mas Prep” has been made possible, in part, by the generous support of FilmTT.

With FilmTT’s marketing grant, we were empowered to take “Mas Prep” to new heights. The grant allowed us to enlist the expertise of a marketing consultant and a social media manager, ensuring that our docu-series would reach a wider audience and resonate with viewers.

Additionally, we utilised the grant to create compelling behind-the-scenes content and eye-catching flyers that not only promoted our series but also celebrated the rich culture of traditional mas. This support has been instrumental and we are forever grateful to FilmTT for believing in our work and that of traditional mas makers, allowing us to capture the essence of the art in its purest form and bringing to light the challenges and triumphs of the talented artists who make it all possible.

“Mas Prep” represents a collaborative effort led by Scene Productions Limited, with co-producers Shari Petti and Nadya Shah at the helm. Shari Petti, who also serves as the director and cinematographer, brings her visionary storytelling to life, while Mawasi Charles adds depth through photography and cinematography. Keagon Smith and Kirk Granger manage behind-the-scenes magic and sound, respectively, while our incredible interns—young artists with a passion for film and storytelling—contribute their energy and passion on set, rotating with each episode.

We’re excited to continue this immersive journey in “Mas Prep,” with upcoming episodes exploring Burrokeets, Jab Molassie, Stick Fighter, Dragon, and more. We invite you to dive into the heart and soul of Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago as we unfold these captivating stories.

Episodes can be found online via our YouTube Channel and Instagram (@scenepresents) during Carnival 2024.