Collaborator Spotlight—Puncheon


When it came to bringing our docu-series “Mas Prep” to life, we’re lucky to have the support and collaboration of Puncheon Rum.

With their generous sponsorship and product placement, Puncheon Rum became an essential partner in our creative journey. Their financial support played a pivotal role in making “Mas Prep” a reality. It enabled us to afford production costs, ensuring that our dedicated crew and passionate participants were compensated for their invaluable contributions.

This collaboration was more than just financial support; it was a shared vision to properly archive our culture and bring it to a wider audience. What makes our partnership with Puncheon Rum truly unique is the seamless integration of their product into the series. Product placement allowed us to authentically tie together the cultural fabric of traditional mas. Participants, who often incorporate Puncheon into their performances and rituals, naturally mentioned it in the series without prompt. This added layer of authenticity and cultural richness makes “Mas Prep” even more engaging and immersive.

As we continue to create and share “Mas Prep” with the world, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Puncheon Rum for their instrumental role in making this project a reality. Together, we’re not only preserving our cultural heritage but also celebrating it, one episode at a time.