Mas Prep—Moko Jumbies


Moko Jumbies

Ever thought about what goes into creating traditional mas characters and how they prepare for Trinidad Carnival?
Rusty, Salti & Shynel welcomed us into their home and showed us what it really takes to be a Moko Jumbie in this episode of our documentary series “Mas Prep.”


Executive Producer

One World Media (@oneworldm)

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Scene Productions Ltd (@scenepresents)

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Shari Petti (@sharipettiii)

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Shari Petti (@sharipettiii)

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Shari Petti (@sharipettiii)


Jelani Serrette (@jelaniserrette)

BTS Photography

Tarique Eastman (@tariqueeastman)


Baidawi Assing (@detnatorofficial)

Ozy Merrique (@ozymerrique)

Archival Footage

Shaun Rambaran (@method_moda)